About Us

Artorium Inc. is a private family-run arts center in Chicago. It is open to everyone ages 5 and up , regardless of any previous art experience. The focus of Artorium is to help students develop their artistic and creative skills through hands on interactions with a multitude of art mediums. Each student is approached with a personalized instruction plan that is customized towards theirĀ  age, experience and the ability to handle tools and materials. Students are taught: painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, weaving, digital arts and crafts.

Each student works at their own pace and advances into new techniques and mediums based on their interests and abilities. The center has been established over 10 years ago and is continuing to encourage future artists to fulfill their own aspirations. Each lesson is closely supervised by professionals to ensure a safe and productive learning environment.

Hours Wednesday Thursday Friday 5 PM to 8 PM