*I accept Artorium Policies and Procedures
*I agree to having the student and their work be photographed and shared via print and social media

Policies & Procedures

Lessons at the Artorium will be held on Tuesdays through Fridays according to prior arrangements.
Each lesson is 60 minutes. Five minutes prior to the end of each hour is dedicated to hand washing, and student changes, and there will be no new projects started in that time.

Punctuality is necessary for all classes at the Artorium to run smoothly. Tardiness will not result in unscheduled prolonging of lessons.
It is each students’ responsibility to dress appropriately for art lessons. Work clothes, and/or art smocks are not provided.

Artorium accepts no liability for damaged clothing or personal items brought in to the studio. Please dress responsibly. Some lessons are messier than others.
Any and all damages to Artorium’s facilities, tools, materials, or other persons’ work is the liability of the student/parent.

Any student leaving Artorium unaccompanied by an adult must have written prior consent from a parent or guardian to do so.
Students that are registered for regular lessons need to attend weekly. In the event of an absence, Artorium must be notified by no later than 2:00 PM the day of the scheduled lesson.

According to availability, it is possible to re-schedule missed lessons.
Two consecutive unannounced absences will end a students regular enrollment status. Artorium will not store, nor be held liable for any unfinished work left in the studio after a two week

period of no contact from the student, unless a prior arrangement has been made.
Lessons at Artorium will be paid for in increments of four lessons.
An unannounced absences will not result in a refund.